Toshiba Power TV 32-inch built-in rechargeable battery

Toshiba has just announced new line-up of LCD TVs, the Power TV family of battery-powered LED TVs. The most features are built-in rechargeable battery that enabling up to two hours of battery life. It is designed for tough infrastructure conditions that very useful innovation in areas where power supply can be uncertain.

According to manufacture, it is the world’s first LED TVs with integrated battery back-up. The Toshiba’s Power TV family is set 24-inch and 32-inch panel. It has also Auto Signal Booster feature for improves signal sensitivity and even in areas with weak signal strengths. In additional, Auto View technology is optimizes image quality, depending on ambient lighting condition in room.

The cost and availability on market of Toshiba Power TV series is not reported at moment.

Toshiba’s 32-inch Power TV runs for 2 hours on integrated battery
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