Transporter TW, future car concept use magnet-powered

Past ideas that simply cannot go through, not stopping to think. It’s interested in environmentally friendly products and materials. But this is quite a natural human desire, to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

These considerations designer car Harsha Vardhan guided in the creation of a concept, called Transporter TW. TW in this case is Twin Wheel, a dual wheel is enough to cast a glance at the illustration to understand what he meant. By the pictures the motion of a vehicle to contain the magnetic field produced an electric motor. The result is not just environmentally friendly, but also a vehicle for the silent cities of the future. A few additional illustrations are hidden under the car. Transporter TW using suspended over a superconducting fluid to changing magnetic field to produces motion. It’s so noiseless and green.

Eco Cars: Transport TW – Magnet-powered vehicle for hi-tech cities of tomorrow


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