Ubi-Camera, frames photos with fingers [video]

Researchers at Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) have developed a new innovation prototype of an unusual camera called the Ubi-Camera. The device is comes without screen and even viewfinder.

In order to understand how it will look a picture, it is necessary to making a frame of your fingers. The Ubi-Camera concept can control zoom by uses the wearer’s distance from the finger-frame. Ubi-Camera has shutter button on right.

According to source, however it will need a few more improving before that’s ready to mass production. Ubi-Camera is requires a connection to computer to stored images and as power source. In additional, the finger frame camera is utilized an infrared range sensor, which is able to confuse by direct sunlight.

You can watch the video demo of Ubi-Camera after the break.

Ubi-Camera Gallery

Take Photos With Your Hands

Ubi-Camera, frames photos with fingers
Ubi-Camera – Take Photos With Your Hands


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