Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR, home media center with 1TB HDD

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Verbatim introduced its Multimedia Station, MediaStation HD DVR with hard disk, is positioned as the center of home entertainment.

The announced device can store and playback video (including high definition 1080p) and musical compositions that are saved in common formats, display photos, as well as to demonstrate streaming content from your home computer network. In addition, the Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR may play the role of digital recorder: users can record TV programs; allowed to connect an external DVD or VCR player. It has dimensions 210x65x165mm (WxHxD) and weight 1.6kg.

Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR media center is equipped with a built-in DVB-T/analogue hybrid tuner, a slot for memory card (SD, SHDC, and Memory Stick) and USB port, through which you can connect external storage devices, such as portable hard drives. EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) can be programmed recording programs in a given time, and the function Time shift allows the owner to take a break while watching the transfer or play an interesting piece.

According to manufacture, the 1TB HDD option is capable of storing up to 1400 movies, 330,000 songs, and 1,000,000 photos; or 500 hours of TV recording.

MediaStation HD DVR Wireless Network Multimedia Recorder 1TB

2 thoughts on “Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR, home media center with 1TB HDD

  1. I just bought the verbatim media player dvr , as of present i am satisfied of its performance . 1 complain is if you connect a 1T external hard drive it takes too long to read it . have to wait for about 1min before the main screen comes out. i have a concern if its possible to record vhs or dvd to the connected hard drive? pls help me

  2. HI! robin, im also planning to buy verbatim media player where did you buy that gadget and how much? thank you

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