Wallaby Wallet for Apple iPod Nano 4G

Proporta no stranger when Proporta launch iPod accessories, and its recent establishment of a Wallaby Wallet, which was specially designed for iPod nano 4G.

Proporta and only created from their hands the finest quality black leather, Proporta Wallaby Wallet features attractive green coating, even if the Board of your bills, credit cards and bags designed for iPod nano 4G. Semi-circular cut, you can wrap your headphones around the spine of the portfolio, and continue to use your iPod nano, and in its portfolio.

The price is £ 24.95, if you want that everything is in order. For those who prefer the magnetic clip, sorry, you’re out of luck, because it depends on the Velcro closure system (ie, noisy and fraying after several years of regular use). I am pleased to see that there is room for cash and credit cards, although we do not recommend at the sitting, in the back pocket and there are iPod Nano over there.

The Wallaby Wallet for iPod nano 4G


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