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OpenMoko has released a portable device called WikiReader. It is a pocket electronic encyclopedia, which contains a database of articles (it is text only without images and other multimedia content) from the Wikipedia. And we are talking about off-line database, its content contained on the microSD card, and WikiReader is not support access to the worldwide web.

New WikiReader is equipped with a monochrome touchscreen display, virtual QWERTY keyboard and three hardware control keys.  Updates base articles of WikiReader can be obtained in two ways. First, the memory card with updates can be obtained by mail, one-year subscription ($29). Secondly, the database is available for free download from the official site of the project and then burns them to stick themselves. According to the manufacture, this option is clearly not suitable for users that do not have high speed internet access, it is require several gigabytes.

The power source of WikiReader is two AAA size batteries. Its battery is provides up to 12 months. The cost of new WikiReader is $99.

New WikiReader Device Puts Wikipedia in Your Pocket
WikiReader delivers the joy of information by offering three million Wikipedia articles in a simple $99 handheld device

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