X-ray Vision Camera Lens: be careful girls

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We already know that many digital camera or video camera, which was modified so that adds “special functions” such as infrared its functions.

But the problem, it is not easy, expensive and risky to the digital camera or video camera that is (can be damaged).

While this is outstanding X-Ray Vision Camera Lens is a filter of the lens enough to be paired on the front of a video camera that will produce infrared effects without the need to open in the machine section.

Size X-Ray lens consists of 2 sizes, namely 30mm and 58 mm, which we believe can be paired to almost all types of video cameras.

By using this lens filters, almost all types of materials “clothes” can be penetrated so that the people who use this lens can see what is behind the clothes.

Although the actual lens is set aside for use as a tool for instance, security at the airport or the other but we are sure to be many people who also want to have them. Moreover, when reviewed in terms of price, which is only about US$ 199

So our advice to women, girl, be careful of those who tried to take video images yourself when you see there are additional filter lens on the video camera.


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