Yota Egg, WiMAX egg in Russia

Yota, service provider access to speedy wireless Internet technology, Mobile WiMAX (4G) in Russia, announced the sale of a new device to access the network, called Yota Egg. This is a mobile access point, which connects to high-speed wireless network of Yota and access Internet through Wi-Fi. The Yota Egg can connect any device with Wi-Fi access, regardless of the operating system.

Yota Egg is lightweight and self-powered, it will help to quickly create a web zone where it is needed. Price of new devices is 5990 rubles. It can be ordered from the Yota online store and since October 7th, it can purchase in the sales and customer service Z-Store. For individual users, it can connect to the Internet with Yota Egg and it will operate unlimited tariff of Yota Mini with cost of 900 rubles per month.

Specifications of Yota Egg:
* Time of use (when fully charged): at low load up to 6 hours and at high load up to 3 hours
* WiMAX – IEEE 802.16e-2005, frequency range 2.4GHz, the signal power 200 mW
* Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11b / g, frequency range 2.4GHz, the signal power of 3 mW
* Battery – 3.7 V, 2800 mAh
* Built-in antenna
* Dimensions – 110×61.8×28.3 mm
* Weight – 130 grams

Yota Egg, WiMAX egg

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