Acer XPLOVA S5 cycling computer with wide-angle camera

Together with new laptops and tablets, Acer has also introduced its latest cycling computer that provides video recording capabilities. Called the Acer XPLOVA S5, it is aimed at growing enthusiast market with a focus on cycling club. That’s also event organizers, media and other members of the community.


New Acer XPLOVA S5 cycling computer has a wide-angle camera, which enabling record exciting moments on the road. This device has an intelligent algorithms that allowing cyclists automatically capture three-second video clips of the scenery. It is based on pre-determined parameters like speed, heart rate, GPS coordinates and even unique points of interest.

Recording via Xplova X5 is also able to be triggered manually. Users can select and compile up to eight clips into a unique video. Thus, it can be uploaded to social media for friends and followers to share the moment.

Considering on the high-quality videos, it is capable to recorded at 720p resolution. Moreover, it features a transflective color screen to provide comfortable viewing even in direct sunlight. Company has also providing Xplova moment app, which comes with a number of features.

[youtubevideo id=”W5fWIt3TW4Y”]

The Acer Xplova X5 will go on sale sometime in Q3. Acer hasn’t revealed any detail about the pricing yet.

Press Release
The Xplova X5: Industry’s First Cycling Computer with Video Recording Capabilities
Professional cycling computer offers smart video recording to capture the excitement as it happens


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