ASUS Eee PC Seashell, Eee Videophone Touch SV1T, and EeeTop PC ET20/22: The Seamless Experience Concept

ASUS presented at the Computex 2009 the concept of Seamless Experience, which includes intuitive and easy to work with computing devices with a minimal effort to configure. There were also represented by a family of Eee products, which supports touch input, equipped with wireless interfaces, and provide an opportunity to connect to the network.

The continuous digital life concept or Seamless Experience concept as a result of the review comments, suggestions and recommendations of users from all over the world, received a joint project between the ASUS and Intel called The concept is based on four main points.

First, there is free communication between people and devices. For example, the next notebook will be able to exchange data automatically send photos and other necessary files. Second, the merged information from several sources, even such as a piece of paper, and converted into digital files that can show your friends and loved ones with, for example, a large desktop display. The third is a new concept for remote use of powerful computers, allowing for continuous access to multimedia files with sensitive information without the need to carry around a heavy laptop.

And finally, a continuous exchange of data ensures the synchronization of PDAs, mobile phones, personal computers, and laptops. Thus, the user can work with the file, and file edited version will appear as a result of sync on all devices. In addition, it will be possible to work with data in non-digital format, for example, written on the sheet of paper and the computer will be able to understand written text by hand and save it for later use.

EeeTop PC ET20/22 series is an example of devices with a wide range of multimedia and communication functions. In particular, an EeeTop PC ET20/22 nettop equipped with an EeeCam camera, you can make pictures or video conference. Eee Memo function allows you to leave digital notes via handwriting recognition or a conventional keyboard, the notes can be sent by e-mail or print. In addition, using Eee Memo, you can record voice or video messages. FotoFun function is used to quickly create photo albums by grouping pictures in a folder with the opportunity to preview, and the photos you can easily publish a web blog. Built-in speakers with support for SRS Premium Sound technology provide high-quality sound reproduction and HD-screen and a discrete graphics card in combination with Eee Splendid Video Intelligence technology provides a good reproduction of graphics. Its complement has functionality of Blu-ray Disc playback capabilities, HDMI connectivity and S/PDIF.

Eee Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T is developed specifically to enable video conferencing, without performing any complicated pre-configuration procedures. This model with 7-inch touch screen and pictorial interface allows you to carry out video calls on Skype through the embedded web camera, microphone and speakers.

In an Eee PC Seashell series has includes netbook design that resembles seashells. Glossy surface shell of Eee PC Seashell (multiple colors) is created using the In-Mold Roller technology is resistant to scratching. The body is covered sequins, shimmering in the light. At the present time are three models: Eee PC 1008HA with a 10.1-inch display and a thin shell (18 mm), Eee PC 1005HA with a 10.1-inch display and more time standby (up to 10.5 hours), and the Eee PC 1101HA with an 11.6-inch HD-LCD with LED backlight, perfectly suited for multimedia applications. All these models are equipped with a 160GB hard drive and you can use up to 10GB of additional online Eee Storage. Eee PC 1101HA Seashell model can operate autonomously on battery power up to 11 hours, while the remaining models from 6 to 11 hours.

A series of Eee PC Seashell equipped with wireless interfaces, 802.11n draft, and Bluetooth, a built 1.3 MP web camera. In addition, a series of Eee PC Seashell devices equipped ASUS Super Hybrid Engine Technology, which changes the configuration of energy systems, depending on the current challenges. The user can also choose one of three modes of energy consumption in accordance with their preferences.

ASUS Presents a Vision of Seamless Computing at COMPUTEX 2009
A Host of Cutting-edge Devices and Concepts Aimed to Provide Users with a Seamless Computing Experience Unveiled


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