BlackBerry Priv coming to T-Mobile this week

Finally, the Android smartphone from BlackBerry will be available on T-Mobile‘s network in the United States starting January 26th, 2016. Known as the BlackBerry Priv, this handset was officially introduced back in October last year. Now, T-Mobile has been announced the existence of the Priv and also teased how much to pick one up.


Customers will able to get the BlackBerry Priv through carrier’s monthly payment plan with $0 upfront and followed by $34 per month for 34 months.


Keep in mind that company says the BlackBerry PRIV is a new super-secure phone. As the suggest name, the PRIV stands for privilege and privacy. It is boasted by Android software combined with an awesome 18-megapixel dual-flash camera, a powerful battery (enjoy up to 22 hours of use), and two keyboards: a virtual on-screen keyboard and BlackBerry’s signature physical keyboard (in slide-out form) that giving users the best of both worlds.

Press Release
PRIV by BlackBerry Coming to T-Mobile for $0 Down Next Week


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