Botiful telepresence robot for helps organic communication

Here is the first consumer tele-presence robot that called the Botiful. New device is allow to control the robot from anywhere in the world via Skype. The Botiful is use platform for Android phone (a stand for Android’s smartphone). So, it is helps facilitate more organic communication and collaboration in telepresence.

Botiful is equipped with three-wheel electric motors to allow it to move in any direction. In addition, the robot can rotate and tilt the cradle for the smartphone. As connectivity, it can utilize Bluetooth or USB port. As noted, the USB port is also serves to recharge the battery.

According to the developers, Botiful can be used for video sessions, virtual meetings, play with children, baby monitoring, and so on.

It will be available in white, blue, and red flavors. The early bird the Botiful telepresence robot price is about $199.

Botiful Gallery

Botiful telepresence robot for helps organic communication
Botiful, social telepresence robot for Android


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