Buffalo HD-PGDU3 DRAM-Cached USB 3.0 portable HDD with built-in battery

Buffalo has officially announced a new DRAM-cached USB 3.0 portable storage, the Buffalo HD-PGDU3. Company says it is the world’s fastest large-capacity external hard drive to have DRAM cache. The Buffalo’s storage is most suitable for those who has complained to the transfer rate of a conventional portable storage.


The travel-friendly HDD device will be available in two versions – 500GB (HD-PGD500U3B) and 1TB (HD-PGD1.0U3B) of capacities. It is utilized a USB 3.0 connection paired with 1GB of DDR3 DRAM cache (it can transfer rates up to 400MB/s).



There is an LED battery level meter, which is designed to monitoring its battery life. New Buffalo HD-PGDU3 DRAM-Cached USB 3.0 portable HDD is built-in lithium-ion battery. That’s ensure that there’s no data loss. Even the data is being juggled to / from the cache due to an abrupt disconnection.


Both models would be land in the Japanese market from late July. Still, if you’re interested in picking one up, you can order it for 18,900 Yen (about $186) on 500GB model or 25,700 Yen (around $254) on 1TB version.

Source: Press Release


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