Cheaper and faster from Microsoft’s new Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft has recently updated its wireless display adapter with a new model that also offers cheaper and faster. The new 2016 Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is currently available for pre-order at cost $49.95 and scheduled to start shipping in March 1st, 2016.

microsoft-wireless-display-adapter-dongle-2016_4 microsoft-wireless-display-adapter-dongle-2016_3

Company was released a wireless display adapter back in 2014, which allowing users to enjoy stream content from a portable device to a TV without wires. The 2016 model comes with reduced latency, new design and most important, a lower price tag.


Considering its functionality, Wireless Display Adapter is a Miracast dongle for your television, a new way to stream content (especially multimedia) from any (wireless display protocol support) device. That’s including Android phones and tablets.


Aside cheaper and faster, Microsoft’s new Wireless Display Adapter fits Wi-Di certified that support for Intel’s wireless display protocol. It is utilized an HDMI port on your big screen and a USB port as main power source. The device promises range away up to 23 feet.

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Cheaper and faster from Microsoft’s new Wireless Display Adapter


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