Commodore 64, Retro Laptop

Benjamin J. Heckendorn, a well-known that loves to design notebooks from the “improvised” device, whether Sony PlayStation or Xbox 360, published in his blog the process of building a laptop from the Commodore 64. Commodore 64 home computer with a “whole” 64 kB of RAM was hit eighties. It can be connected directly to your TV and use, including, for games (which, of course, in no small measure contributed to the popularity of this great home computer).

Laptop from Benjamin J. Heckendorn based Commodore 64 looks quite stylish in a unique retro design. Constructor Amateur left the original keyboard and motherboard Commodore 64 and the device equipped 15-inch LCD display. In addition, to display the status information from the notebook has a secondary display of the Nokia phone. Floppy Benjamin J. Heckendorn replaced on the SD card reader. Fully watch the process of turning the Commodore 64 in the laptop in the capable hands of Benjamin J. Heckendorn possible in his blog, the description is accompanied by photographs and video.

C64 in a laptop case: Benheck has outdone himself

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Benjamin J. Heckendorn


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