Flo Smart Thermometer, contact-free to take temperatures

You may looking for a contact-less thermometer, Zeraph – the Hong Kong-based startup has been launched its first product in North America. It is called the Flo Contact-free Smart Thermometer, which is notable for its non-invasiveness. You can use it, just hold it above your forehead and click the button.


The thermometer will relayed information directly to a mobile app. Of course, that’s immediately reads out your temperature (your can choice of celsius or fahrenheit). However, company has also mentioned that the Flo Smart Thermometer can be used without a phone. The device will displaying a color that indicates the temperature range; green for normal or red for fever.

Also, you can setup process of device that is strikingly simple, requiring just the creation of a minimal profile. For parents, Flo Smart Thermometer is a pretty ease of use, which is suitable for sick children. Since their notoriously hard to get a proper read on when it comes to taking temperatures the old fashioned way (either orally or through the ear).

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Through the company’s website, — you will able to buy the Flo Contact-free Smart Thermometer for price tag $49.99 USD (around $65.30 CAD). Keep in mind that the mobile app is available for use on the iOS, Android and Apple Watch devices.

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Flo Smart Thermometer, contact-free to take temperatures


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