Free Fire’s tournament for influencers and professionals

Garena officially holds a Free Fire tournament. This time, the tournament is only designed for influencers and professional. So, interested?

Talking about game tournaments, surely the one that comes to mind is a prestigious and cool event. Since the world of e-Sports began to be popular, it often held various games tournaments.

Garena is one of the companies who diligently hold game tournaments. In this year, Garena again presents a tournament that is no less exciting than the previous years. This time the tournament was titled ‘Free Fire Asia All-Stars (FFAA) 2020’. Unlike previous tournaments, this time the tournament is intended for influencers and professional.


What is the Free Fire tournament like?

As I said earlier, the tournament is not open to the public. But it is only intended for influencers and professionals (pro player).

Participants participating in tournaments are also limited. The only participants from the country of India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The FFAA Tournament 2020 presents unmitigated prizes. The Total prize offered by Garena is worth $80,000 USD. Wow!

So where can we see this tournament? Quiet. The FFAA 2020 tournament will be broadcast live on the FF Esports ID YouTube channel. The tournament will start from 12 – 13 June 2020.

On the first day, the race was opened to participants from the influencer circles. The first day of the tournament will be divided into 12 teams.

Well, every country can only be represented a maximum of three teams. They all have a chance to seize the prize of $30,000.

Then, the second day, the participants who will compete are from the professional circles. Just like before, each country can only represent three teams. So the total team to compete there are 12.

The prizes offered on the second day are larger. Yes, because the competition is from the professional circles. The prize offered is $50,000 USD.

How is the tournament mechanism?

Garena implements the point system. Each team must race to collect as many points as possible. Point collection is done in six rounds in different ‘three folders’.

Well, the points collected will be accumulated later. The result will be the team’s home country score. This mechanism applies to all participants, either from the Influencer or pro player circles.


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