Freescale intro six Smartbook concepts

Freescale Semiconductor introduced a number of different smartbook design concepts. They are under graphic models developed by industrial design professionals, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Real prototypes based on them have not yet been established. As the Freescale, such smartbook could be based on its i.MX515 processor. It is anticipated that they would provide better performance than smartphones, and will be able to work offline all day. All of these Smartbook devices based on ARM technology.

Among the concepts has presented by Freescale, a total of six models. One of them is able to play, opening up access to the keyboard and mouse. Second smartbook enclosed in a thin shell and it is controlled by the touch interface. Another concept is an ultra modular which the user can customize to your liking.

Also in development is present among smartbook from making two-sided display QWERTY keyboard modules is a rather innovative solution. Another device is equipped with a vertical display, and finally concluded in the last case with leather cover. Obviously, the commercial production decisions based on concepts will be at the discretion of manufacturers. Freescale aim is to show how diverse can be smartbook. Previously, Freescale have been demonstrating the Wistron N900z.

Freescale Smartbook concepts: ARM-based ultraportables


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