GEAR4 CRG-60, alarm clock and iPod dock station

GEAR4 has announced attractive accessory for the iPod, CRG-60, which it is a docking station, alarm clock and FM tuner in one device. The alarm clock has several functions, such as the opportunity to choose your favorite melodies from the iPod, FM station, or a standard set of tones, as well as sleep mode, repeat the alarm, and so on.

Just a big LCD display provides a convenient display of information, and two stereo speakers. GEAR4 CRG-60 dock is operates as a network, and on 6 AA type batteries (not supplied). The device can be used just for charging the iPod, provided that it is included in the network. CRG-60 will be available for sale in the UK in June. The cost will be about $ 54.

GEAR4 CRG-60 iPod dock and alarm clock announced


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