Get It, Audiobooks on Google Play launched

As expected, Audiobooks have been finally official launched. It was spotted in the Play Books V4 update a few days ago. Reportedly, the Audiobooks are already available for Android, iOS, and Home speakers. Moreover, Audiobooks are enter the list of music, movies, TV, and ebooks that offerings from Google.

To more penetrate on market, company has decided to make you enjoys it without any subscription. The titles can be purchased directly from the Play Books app or Google Play Store. You can share the audiobook with family members through Family Library for no additional fee even if there are reading from a different device. Since, Google is offering a free preview of the book. 

There are several interesting features like Playbooks supporting from Assistant, which will respond to command “Ok Google, read my book” to listen to the book hands-free on Android phones, Home Speakers. Moreover, Assistant can respond to queries like “Who is the author” or “Ok Google, stop playing in 20 minutes”.

But, you have to known that Assistant on Android Auto in the United States is not available just yet but will be coming soon, according to Google. You can explore the audiobook titles from the list here.

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