Honda Fuzo, futuristic car with hightech comfort

Here’s Future Car, flying car and high speed. I have ever seen like this car in movie and John Mahieddine has design it to “Honda Fuzoconcept. Honda Fuzo is vertical takeoff and landing car concept. Its car has four high-powered turbines for high-speed horizontal flight. Honda Fuzo has support 350 mph, two joysticks for control speed, trust, and steering. There are two joysticks, on side of driver’s seat, at armrests. Left joystick is allows the car to spin on its axis and right joystick is manages tilt and direction.

And at its floor are normal like cars, pedal for controlling power and brakes.

This car has safety rules;
1. Fly-by-Wire system, it is relies on GPS to keep cars from hitting each other.
2. Airbags, it has opened inside and outside of vehicle to protect the driver, car, and anyone in path of car, its air-collision.

This vehicle is allows for two passengers plus the driver. Honda Fuzo has made of materials such as Kevlar, carbon fibre, and carbon nano-tubes.

Honda Hovercar


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