Honda shows Honda Stride Management Assist, Bodyweight Support Assist

Honda will reveal two devices expose assistants of walking and lifting in New York this Wednesday (15). The company pre-announced the prototypes today, giving the world a sample video and photos on these two technologies wearable.

The same company that brought the world the ASIMO humanoid robot, American Honda Motors, has used what they learned about human locomotion to build Honda Stride Management Assist and Bodyweight Support Assist.

The first prototype is a lightweight unit and vertical floor to help elderly and / or with weak leg muscles. In photos, the user wearing Stride Management around hips, tummy and legs. An internal computer regulates the path and pace of the user to let go of them more consistent and, in the end, effective.

The Bodyweight Support is a more extensive apparatus, which extends the hip to the foot and has to wear a seat that is built between the legs. The extra equipment is needed because the Bodyweight not only want to help those who have difficulties in walking, but to help the performance of difficult tasks such as lifting heavy objects.

According crunchgear, both models are prototypes there are some limitations on who can use them at the moment. They can accommodate persons of height up to 6’2″, shoe size of 8-11 for men/9.5–12.5 for women and weight up to 220 lbs.

The Honda plans show some prototypes of smart device at the end of the month at the World Congress of Automotive Engineers at Cobo Center in Detroit (20 to 23 April). Anyway, put your hands on it tomorrow.

Check out the photos of Stride and Bodyweight in our gallery below:

Test Drive: Honda Stride Management Assist, Bodyweight Support Assist


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