HP Powerup Backpack open pre-order, it can charge a laptop, one more devices

If you’re traveling on area with no-electric power source but your gadget’s batteries needs recharge, you may think about this beg. Yes, it is a HP Powerup Backpack that carrying a 22400mAh (84 Wh) removable battery pack. Company notes the battery pack is capable to charge a HP laptop fully. It claims most HP Laptops with up to 17.3-inch diagonal screen size will no worry about charge with HP Powerup Backpack.


Thus, you’ll found two USB ports together with micro USB cables to charge mobile devices. HP Powerup Backpack with 22400mAh battery is able to charge a tablet up to three times, while the smartphone is up to 10 times.

In case, you’re interested the device, you can check out the key features of HP Powerup Backpack below.

  • High-capacity 22400 mAh battery to charge a laptop, tablet and a smartphone
  • Built-in heat sensor monitors backpack temperature and adjusts accordingly.
  • Heavy-duty canvas exterior with interior padding and durable straps helps provide long-lasting laptop protection.
  • Coated to resist wet weather and comes with its own raincoat.
  • Laptop and USB micro cables included: Two USB micro cables for Android devices and one laptop cable.


Amazon has started taking pre-order the HP Powerup Backpack for cost $199.99. It is expected to ship starting from September 14th, 2016.

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HP Powerup Backpack open pre-order, it can charge a laptop, one more devices


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