HRP-4C, the Catwalk Robot

Catwalk robot, perhaps famous designer has given the futuristic fashion. No, you are very wrong, the title of this post is due to female robot, HRP-4C has called, who marched in the Festival of Fashion in Tokyo next Monday, March 23.

The robot, which measures 1.58 m (a rather low altitude to reach a range of top model, but the average height of Japanese teenager) and weighs 43kg has been created by the National Institute of Science and Advanced Industrial Technology, located in the Japanese, and it have invested about two million dollars in its accomplishment.

In his presentation, regardless of robot elegant hips showing on the catwalks, delighted the audience with surprise, smiles, and other actions sent by the Bluetooth Technology. And as a curiosity, it seems that due to noise in the room, the sounds of the robot receiving some commands and began to gesticulate in odd ways.

Its creators said that their purpose is to capture the attention of society and that people accept the robots and is ready to work with them, through an adaptation of human cold metallic appearance.

We are eager to see the debut of this girl and of course we can see here.

Robot to do its little turn on the catwalk


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