Incredible by Victoria Secret, sport bra for heart rate monitor

The sport bra (with integrated savvy technology) market is becoming competitive, Victoria Secret is going to launch a wearable tech. It’s called the Incredible by Victoria Secret, which is compatible with most clip-on heart monitors. Actually, it’s similar way as the Vancouver-based Lululemon’s bra that introduced back in two years ago but it’s no longer available at this moment.



A sport bra of Incredible by Victoria Secret is utilized the electrodes inside the band of the bra. Thus, it have to attach with heart rate monitor. This wearable tech bra needs to ensure there’re good contact between skin and electrodes. So, Victoria’s Secret sports bra isn’t providing built-in heart rate monitor. Its electrodes are also hidden from view that makes a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing.


Good news, Victoria Secret’s sports bra with integrated electrodes has allowed to thrown in the washer (and shouldn’t put it in the dryer). If you’re interested to wearing this sport bra, you can order one directly from Victoria Secret’s website. Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is selling it at cost of $72.50 USD.

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