Intel Falcon 8+ announced, its first commercial drone

Intel, better known for being one of the famous processor chip producers on the planet, has decided to enter a drone market. It has announced company’s first commercial drone that called as Intel Falcon 8+. The new flying device is positioning for fulfil requirement to the industrial inspection surveying and mapping.


It brings Intel Falcon 8+ UAV accompanied by Intel Cockpit for ground control and Intel Powerpack to power the UAV. New Intel Falcon 8+ first commercial drone boasts the triple-redundant AscTec Trinity autopilot. Like its predecessor (named the AscTec Falcon 8), the new one has similar features. The drone is utilized a water-resistant cockpit outfitted with a joystick and tablet.

Intel Falcon 8+ is capable to fly for up to 26 minutes at a time on a redundant power pack. Well, it is a pretty enough for The system provides detailed images and gives valuable structural analysis. That’s able to users detect and prevent further damage to infrastructure.


Its V-form octocopter comes with full electronic system redundancy covering batteries. Thus, it can communications and sensing, alongside outfitted for industrial inspection, surveying and mapping for professionals and experts.

The V-form has dimensions of 768 x 817 x 160 mm with a take off weight of 2.8 kg (6 pounds) when loaded with a camera. The center of Intel Falcon 8+ is a Cockpit that packed by an Intel chipset-powered tablet for planning and conducting complex flight patterns. It is also monitoring the live video feed via a low latency digital link up to 1080p resolution with a 1 km range. Good thing, users can easily flight control of the drone by a single hand joystick.


Company mentioned that Intel Falcon 8+ drone hasn’t been approved by the Federal Communications for sale or use in United States. The official price or availability of the drone is still unknown.

Press Release
Intel Announces Commercial Drone: Intel Falcon 8+ System


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