Ixos Neo, new stylish dock for iPod/iPhone

Ixos has introduced the new radio clock speaker system for iPod, called Neo. It is iPod/iPhone dock that serves as music player, synchronize PC, and use it as an alarm clock for the morning line choice.

The Ixos Neo has a power of 10W RMS amplifier spread its 4 speakers, 6 preset equalizer settings, and audio input for connecting 3.5 mm other player other than Apple. As we have said, while using the computer connected through the USB port, you can listen to music stored on the external hard drive or notebooks.

Finally, if you cannot fall asleep without listening to your favorite radio station, it also has quiet FM tuner.

Ixos Neo has bring a blue backlit LCD display, black finish and dust cover to protect the connector for the iPod when not in use, make it ideal for even putting it in the living room of your house. The Ixos Neo is now available at a price of £109.99 (about €128).

Ixos Neo launches
Pod dock clock


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