Luxury-oriented Putin-Trump special edition Nokia 3310 phone

Nokia is still coming back in a phone-world market. The Russia based company Caviar has decided to give the humble Nokia 3310 a luxurious makeover. It is unveiled a Putin-Trump edition of the Nokia 3310. As the suggest name, the device is mark the historic meeting of Trump and Putin at the recent G20 summit.

Putin-Trump special edition Nokia 3310 phone comes with a titanium body. Thus, it is coated with a ‘Damascus Steel’ pattern. The special device sports gold-plated portraits of US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin on the back. You’ll also found the venue and date of the meet-up of the presidents that embossed on the lower back in gold.

Company mentioned the gold plaque containing the portraits of the two presidents symbolizes their ‘common desire for progress in US-Russia relations’. Talking about price, the Putin-Trump edition Nokia 3310 costs 149,000 Russian Rubles, which is equivalent about $2,471 USD.

Keep in mind that the classic Nokia 3310 managed to grab eyeballs after it made a comeback earlier this year.

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Luxury-oriented Putin-Trump special edition Nokia 3310 phone


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