Microdia 512GB Xtra Elite microSDXC UHS-II card announced

California-based company, Microdia has recently introduced a new memory card that brings interesting title. The Microdia 512GB Xtra Elite microSDXC is actually world’s highest capacity microSD card ever. It comes with 512GB of storage capacity and UHS-II card standard. Company has been showcased it at the Computex 2015 this week. Initially at MWC earlier this year, SanDisk was unveiled the 200GB microSDXC UHS-I card.


Well, the Microdia 512GB Xtra Elite microSDXC UHS-II card would be perfectly to use on the high-end smartphones that supports expandable storage up to 2TB of capacity, like HTC and LG smartphones. Just reminder, the SDXC 4.0 UHS-II standard is capable to data transfer rates of up to 300MBps. This score is about three times faster than the SDXC 3.0 UHS-I standard. Unlike the previous standard, the new technology is requiring an additional row of physical pins that placed below the standard pins.



This Microdia card seems aimed at professional photographers who need the high transfer speeds and the huge storage extra space. Speaking on pricing, the Xtra Elite won’t come cheap because it would be available sometime in July at cost around $1,000. Well, the price is more than a smartphone’s cost.

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Microdia 512GB Xtra Elite microSDXC UHS-II card announced


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