Microsoft Surface Book i7 with 16-hour battery life, price detail

Microsoft has decided to unveil an upgraded Surface Book model that announced at its Windows 10 event in New York. The latest flagship Microsoft Surface Book variant brings an Intel Core i7 processor inside.

New machine offers 30 percent more battery life compared than previous version. Well, the upgraded version of the Surface Book promises about 16 hours of battery life. Keep in mind that the original model of Microsoft Surface Book runs for up to 12 hours on a full single charge.


Microsoft Surface Book i7 is able to delivering twice the graphics performance from the original model. So, it makes about three times more than that of the highest-end Apple MacBook Pro. The engineering head mentioned that the machine is designed for gamers who wants more frame rate. Also designers who wants less lag. It is also for everyone who wants more battery

The top-end Surface Book model can reach 1.9 teraflops of performance and carries a secondary fan. Exterior part of new system isn’t unchanged. Microsoft’s upgraded Surface Book with 16-hour battery life goes on sale at $2,399 and already up for pre-order (expected to be ship next month).

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In Canada, the Surface Book i7 is now available to pre-order via Microsoft’s online store starting at $3,129 CAD for the 256GB model. Two other variants listed at 512GB and 1TB of internal storage. Their prices are $3,629 and $4,379 respectively. The 256GB model comes with 8GB of RAM, while the bigger internal storage capacity has 16GB of RAM. All versions of the Microsoft Surface Book boasts Intel’s Core i7 processor.


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