Microsoft’s Xbox One S game console up for pre-order

The next generation of Xbox from Microsoft will be arrive on your home soon. Company has recently announced the new smaller Xbox One game console that carrying several exciting points. Dubbed the Xbox One S, it seems 40 percent smaller than the original. But the new device supports 4K ultra HD video playback. The Microsoft Xbox One S would be available sometime in August and a starting price of $299. Reportedly, the console is currently up for pre-order in the United States through Amazon online store.


Keep in mind the Xbox One S doesn’t support 4K video games but you can still play Ultra HD Blu-rays or stream 4K content from Amazon or Netflix. The model is also supporting HDR (high dynamic range) for movies and video games. It added an IR blaster to the game console to give a better experience. Sadly, the dedicated Kinect sensor port has been removed. So, you’ve use a USB adapter (known as the Xbox Kinect Adapter for USB connection) to attach a Kinect.

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Good thing, a free Xbox Kinect Adapter is available for fans that currently own a Kinect for Xbox One and of course, plan to purchase the Xbox One S. A textured grip for enhanced comfort has been packed on a newly designed Xbox Wireless Controller. Microsoft has also improved the Xbox Wireless signal performance that a more reliable wireless connection and up to twice the wireless range when used with Xbox One S. Besides Bluetooth support, its controller comes with a new thumbstick design to ensure users maintains accuracy and smooth rotation over the life of the controller.


Company mentioned all Xbox One games (also accessories and Xbox Live services) will compatible with the new Xbox One S console. The Microsoft Xbox One S is priced at $299 for 500GB hard drive. The 1TB model costs $349, while the special launch edition 2TB version is starting $399 in select markets. The new Xbox Wireless Controller will bundled with all Xbox One S consoles. But it also will be available worldwide for individual purchase for $59.99 USD. Another accessories, the Xbox One Vertical Stand will be land for standalone purchase for $19.99.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One S game console up for pre-order


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