Monster iCarPlay Wireless 800 and 1000, Accessories for iPod and iPhone

Monster has announced the launch of two new accessories for iPod and the iPhone from Apple. The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 and the iCarPlay Wireless 800 is two FM transmitters that also charge the iPhone and the iPod.

The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 FM transmitter can also be used in the home or office through a USB connection for charging, which makes it compatible with the USB or Monster charger.

Both FM transmitters’ devices use 3D Monster AutoScan technology to scan the FM frequency range and obtain a clearer signal.

Those with an auxiliary input jack can optional for the Monster iCarCharger 1000, using a 30-pin connector to charge the device and play audio through a 3.5mm audio cable. The device also has controls built into the back to navigate through the content without having to access the controls on the iPod or iPhone.

Cable for the 800 and 1000 provide a direct connection from the headphone jack for iPods and iPhones.

Both accessories are now available online with prices set at $100 for the iCarPlay Wireless 1000 and $80 for the iCarPlay Wireless 800 FM transmitter.

Monster Quietly Launches iPhone 3G S Friendly iCarPlay 800 and iCarPlay 1000 FM Transmitters


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