New Nintendo 3DS coming to Canada, just $139 on Black Friday

If you’re seeking a new Nintendo 3DS in Canada, you have to read this news. Nintendo is offering the New Nintendo 3DS game console to Canada for price tag $139 CAD on Black Friday. As very limited quantities at retailers, it is a bundled version of the handheld that included a copy of Super Mario 3D Land.


The new Nintendo 3DS will be available on November 25th, which features Mushroom Kingdom characters and imagery. Keep in mind that the handheld previously only being available in Europe and Japan. So, it is first time Nintendo’s New 3DS is coming to Canada with a

Just reminder, Nintendo’s next console that called the Switch was revealed a few weeks ago. It is set to be a home console-portable hybrid. Company is also planning the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the next entry that entered Nintendo’s popular Pocket Monster catching franchise.

Press Release
New Nintendo 3DS system available for $139.99 MSRP for the first time on Black Friday


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