New Zealand, Android Pay is already arrive

Already arrives across the United States back in September last year, then first available in Asia starting from Singapore, the Android Pay is now available in New Zealand. Google’s mobile payment system in the country is supported by the BNZ Flexis Debit Visa Card. It is also a range of retailers in New Zealand.


By using Android Pay, you’ll able to make everywhere contactless payments. That’s including your favourite shops such as The Warehouse, Domino’s, BP, BurgerFuel, McDonalds and so on. Simple use, you’ve just wake the phone and tap as you would with your credit/debit card. Businesses across the country with contactless terminals don’t need to do anything else to be able to accept Android Pay in store.


As helping you pay for things simply and securely with your Android phone, the mobile payment system (aka Android Pay) was first official introduced by Google back in May 2015 at the I/O conference. The service uses NFC and Host Card Emulation to complete a transaction. Google has claimed it partnered with all the major payment networks in the US including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Living in New Zealand, get started with Android Pay, just download the app on Google Play, add your card and start shopping.

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