Nokia launches OVI Store, the Apple Store App Competitor [MWC 2009]

During the Nokia press conference held at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Nokia officially launched OVI Store, a store of the applications are accessible from the phone similar to what Apple offers the iPhone.

The first mobile phone with access to the store will be the N97 and the applications will be sold beginning in May. Unlike the “competition”, Nokia aims to provide a personalized experience to each user based on some variables such as the phone you use, your social network (yes, the store has social aspects) and geolocation, which sounds interesting.

But I think what most users will enjoy the support of billing by credit card or direct bill from the operator, which is welcome in many countries where the use of the cards is not widespread or are not old enough.

Nokia estimates that the OVI Store will be used by 300 million people in 2012. Although it is not clear from official statements, the Guardian says that 70% of the revenue from the store to software developers.

Nokia Unveils Ovi Store, Application Sales To Debut In May


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