Pioneer Raku Navi AVIC-MRZ009 hand gesture-controlled GPS [video]

Pioneer has showcased next-generation of its in-car GPS device, the Pioneer Navi Raku AVIC-MRZ009 at CEATEC Japan 2012 exhibition. Combine GPS and media player, new device is designed for easier to operate that able to recognizes hand gestures.

The Pioneer hand gesture-controlled GPS packs a 7-inch touchscreen display and infrared sensors that can detect gestures. Respond to various hand gestures with new touch-free sensor, users or drivers is just simply wave, move back and forth their hand to operate the Raku Navi AVIC-MRZ009. It is also skipping tracks, zooming the map, and more.

Pioneer Raku Navi AVIC-MRZ009 GPS is expected arrive in Japan and price of $1,600.

Pioneer Raku Navi Video

Pioneer’s gesture-controlled Raku Navi takes a hands-off approach to car navigation
Pioneer Raku Navi AVIC-MRZ009 hand gesture-controlled GPS


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