Polaroid iZone WiFi camera as external eye for your Android / iOS devices

One of famous photography maker, Polaroid has officially introduced its newest digital compact camera with a different approach. Dubbed the Polaroid iZone WiFi camera, it is able to pair with your iOS or Android device. Meanwhile, you can use the iZone as an ‘external camera’ for your smartphone / tablet, instead of their built-in camera when you capture photos. Thus, you can still see it through your mobile device’s display as a viewfinder.


Smartphones will work for taking some photos, but the built-in digital zoom just isn’t great when it comes to image quality. To get better quality optical zoom on a smartphone requires adding an accessory lens, and it’s easy to miss the shot while you’re busy attaching the lens.

New Polaroid iZone supports WiFi to connect to your phone. Speaking of memory, the Polaroid’s camera is built-in 32GB of storage but you can also configure it to save directly into your mobile device when you snap the photos. The device its-self comes with an 18-megapixel sensor with 8x optical zoom.

As compact sized device, the iZone is a pretty small 2-inch square design. Because the Polaroid doesn’t produce hardware, this camera is actually built by Sakar International with licenses the Polaroid name. The iZone camera also could be one of the cheapest device in its category.

So, are you planning to get your hands on the WiFi camera since its available this spring? The Polaroid iZone WiFi camera will be launch at cost $179.99.

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