Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker: waterproof, shock and dust resistant

The iPod is really a great device, and has generated hundreds of accessories to be used in various circumstances, including this one is underwater to cover and waterproof speaker.

Well, this time we introduced the iPod portable speaker, an ideal accessory for the iPod that you can enjoy the outdoors, and that is not only waterproof, but also shock and dust. It’s truly a phenomenal device, called Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker.

The portable speaker is compatible with the iPod Classic, Nano, Mini, and Shuffle series and keeps the device after a tough cover and offers the controls through a set of external buttons. The speaker is powered by four C batteries, but can also be connected to an AC or car adapter, if necessary. The accessory is available online at Frontgate at a price of $99.50.

Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker


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