Robot playing Volley with Mac mini brain (video)

Without wishing to revive the eternal debate over which operating system is better (Mac or Windows), do not say that it would be interesting to see a Volleyball-playing between two robots. The second appears to be ready and doing exercises to warm, as we see in the video.

Wherever you see it has a deployment of sensors, built-in GPS, compass, iSight camera to track the balls to come… Come on, great. You can see at this video.

Specification of Volleyball-playing robot:
COMPUTER: Apple MacMini, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
MOTORS: Dual Johnson 24V with planetary gearhead.
GEARBOX: Machine Lab right-angle gears w/ encoders.
BATTERIES: BattlePack NiMH 4200mAHr 24V.
CONTROLLER: Dual Space-Eight 100A.
TELEMETRY: MaxStream Spread-Spectrum Serial.
TETHERED: Custom Play Station-to-CAN interface.
NETWORK: CAN protocol w/ custom CAN-Serial adaptor.
SENSORS: Sharp IR array, GPS, compass, iSight camera.
COMPUTER VISION: OpenCV based histogram filtering.

Volleyball-playing robot has Mac mini brain, heart of a champion


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