Samsung Cloud for Galaxy Note 7 announced

Storage and backup is one of most important features on this era. That’s including a smartphone, tablet, and other devices. Well, Samsung – well-known electronics consumers makers, has recently announced the existence of its new cloud backup service. Dubbed the Samsung Cloud, it is aimed at the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Owners of the Note 7 will get 15GB of storage capacity.


As the suggest name, it will allow users to backup their data on device to the cloud. Samsung Cloud is also capable to sync data between a number of Samsung apps like Notes, Contacts Calendar and more. Company noted syncing your data to the latest cutting-edge mobile device doesn’t have to be difficult.

Samsung Cloud is built to be seamless while users sleep. When a user activates the Auto Backup feature, the device will automatically upload information to Samsung Cloud via a Wi-Fi connection every 24 hours


This service lets users makes switching to a new phone-or restoring an older device-easier than ever before. As 15 gigabytes of Samsung Cloud storage available, it seems more convenient to back up and retrieve data and applications.

Press Release
Samsung Cloud: A Better Way to Upgrade, Back Up and Sync Your Galaxy Device


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