Samsung NaviBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung has recently announced the robot vacuum cleaner in Russia, called the Samsung NaviBot, which was announced in March 2010.

The Samsung NaviBot is equipped with Visionary Mapping intelligent guide, which is based on dual processors and camera. The latter can take up to 30 images per second that allows NaviBot creates a virtual map of the house, identifying and memorizing the exact location of obstacles (different objects, furniture and other interiors) and the charging station. After the recharge battery, robot can independently go back to the latest place. According to the company, the Samsung NaviBot can expect very quick and safe routes.

Samsung NaviBot robot vacuum cleaner has brings 38 sensors that prevent to falling down the stairs, collisions with objects and tangling wires. It is supports for the five cleaning programs: Auto, Spot, Max, Edge, and manual. In addition, users can set delay start for starts cleaning in no one in room.

For the control area, Samsung NaviBot has dual mode feature, Virtual Guard and Virtual Fence. The expected price of Samsung NaviBot in Russia is 19,990 rubles.

Samsung NaviBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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