Scosche tapSTICK, purpose to new iPod shuffle

Actually, the 3rd-generation iPod Shuffle is not one of the MP3 players that caught my attention, especially by the use of special headphones but any other solution that does, there are the Scoshe tapSTICK case. “We also figured many of the same users would want a case to protect their new iPod from drops so we designed the tapSTICK to both offer protection and restore full functionality” said Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries.

This case will make your little player from Apple, you’ll be more comfortable uses, because it has buttons that simulate frontal function available VoiceOver-friendly earbuds that accompany the Shuffle. The shuffle’s VoiceOver feature of tapSTICK allows shuffle users to control play, pause, adjust volume, skip tracks and navigate playlists.

Moreover, as different note, you can use the headphones you like best, because everything is controlled from the same case. Scosche tapSTICK will be available in 2 colors, white and black and its price will be $ 29.99 (about € 21.50).

Scosche tapSTICK adds hard buttons, purpose to new iPod shuffle


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