Seagate 512GB Game Drive SSD for Xbox One coming to market

Seagate has quietly announced the existence of its new 512GB SSD Game Drive that designed for the Xbox One. This storage device will fulfil requirment of you are rocking an Xbox One, it will up your game with this drive. The new Seagate 512GB Game Drive SSD for Xbox One is capable to deliver faster storage for games on Microsoft’s flagship console.

Reportedly, it is specifically made with the Xbox in mind. Well, the 512GB Game Drive SSD brings a special paint job. You can see its enclosure that comes with black and green, while the Xbox logo is placed in one corner that making it all official.


New Game Drive for Xbox One will give you the console with fast boot and load performance, according Seagate. As well as, it will boost performance that compared to what you have now. The flash storage inside of new SSD will improve their gaming experience, waiting time at welcome screen should be reduced and transitions between levels are quicker in some games.

Considering the capacity space, Seagate’s 512GB Game Drive SSD for Xbox One is enough for 14 games accompanied by downloadable content. Moreover, gamers can easily and better manage limited console internal drive storage.

Let’s discussing about price, the Xbox One-focused SSD is asking for $199.99. It would be available from Amazon, GameStop, and other retailers starting sometime in November.


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