Search Lite app for regions with poor internet connection [testing]

Good news for anyone who living in regions with limited internet connection. Giant internet company, Google is going test a lighter version of its Search app. It is aimed at users in regions that have slow or poor internet connection. Keep in mind that the app was recently spotted in an ad on Facebook in Indonesia, inviting users to test it out.

The Google Search Lite app uses less data and supports offline features. Thus, it is light in weight and takes up less space on phones and use less RAM when running. The app works similar to the original Search app and works in places with slow internet connection.

As per the screenshots, users can change the language and the home screen has several quick action buttons for translation, weather, news, offline pages, images, and more. Users can personalize these shortcuts as per they needs. In addition to text search, users can also perform voice search. Users are able to decide whether they want to use ‘lite’ web pages or the internal web browser, depending on their data usage preferences. Users can also sideload the APK file via APK Mirror as well.

Moreover, Google with Search Lite app will join the bandwagon of other social networks that already have lighter versions of their app. Already we had knew that LinkedIn was launched LinkedIn Lite, while Twitter rolled out Twitter Lite and YouTube unveiled YouTube Go beta mobile app. Most famous social media, Facebook was launched Facebook Lite since a few year ago.

Source: androidpolice


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