Sony G Series XQD version 2 memory cards for high-end DSLR camera

Sony has recently launched new memory cards and dubbed the Sony G Series XQD version 2. Company says this card is designed for those who need memory card to able hold 4K video recording. So, it’s perfectly for use on high-end DSLR camera such as the Nikon D4 and D4S.

Read / write speed of Sony G Series XQD version 2 memory cards are up to 400MB/s and 350MB/s, respectively. Sony has also mentioned that memory card can handle up to 128GB of storage capacity space. On connectivity sides, this Sony’s cards work with both PCI Express Gen.2 and USB 3.0 interfaces. Moreover, it’s bundled with a USB 3.0 card reader.


That’s a piece of good news for photographers who want to move their large RAW file formats and 4k video format from/to camera. Just attached it into the USB 3.0 adapter / card reader, you can transfer it much faster. Coming in three times faster than previous generation N Series cards, the 128GB G Series XQD version 2 memory card is enabling 40 minutes of 4K XAVC Intra 422 60p video recording with Sony 4K movie cameras.

Sony G Series XQD version 2 memory cards would be available starting November 3rd, 2014. Talking about pricing, the new one could be a range from $163.50 to $799.95.

Source: nikonrumors


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