Sony WS623 Walkman with salt water and dust resistant body

Sony has just released a new Walkman device that supports Bluetooth and NFC technologies. Dubbed the Sony WS623 Walkman, it is designed for fulfill experience of sports enthusiasts. New walkman is Water and Dust Resistant (IP65/68). Well, the new WS623 Walkman is suitable for outdoor conditions and sporting activities.

Moreover, the Sony WS623 Walkman is salt waterproof, which allowing users to swim to a depth of 2 meters with up to 30 minutes of submerged time. This one is also suitable for use when you’re on any sand based activity as it is dust proof.

Sony WS623 Walkman provides standard earbuds and specially designed waterproof earbuds, which is covered with a thin film to prevent water damage. For a hike or climb, the device can endure extreme temperatures from -5 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius.

Speaking of size, the WS623 is just 32 grams of weight. It is also 10 percent smaller than the WS410 Series and 35 percent smaller than the WS610 Series. This Walkman features Ambient Sound Mode that uses in-built microphones to pick up external voices and sounds in the surrounding environment.

The Sony Walkman is capable to store up to 4GB of audio, while it offers 60 minutes of playback in just 3 minutes of charging. The battery life, new Bluetooth-enabled Walkman is allowing users to enjoy up to 12 hours.


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