Spire wearable monitor for health and wellness applications gets a price cut

Technology is already entering almost every aspect on human environment. One of them is Spire wearable monitor that now available at $99.95 – yes, it is a price cut instead of previous price tag.

Keep in mind that Spire can tracks movement and state of mind throughout the day. It is a wearable monitor device that helps you discover when you are stressed and also, what you were doing. Since track your mind and daily activity, you have to clip Spire either on their bra or belt. Thus, it connects with Android or iOS app which will track state of mind and movement. Moreover, this app will send you a notification when you are tensed. spire-official

The device provides Spire’s custom activity and force sensors that combine to identify periods where your breathing reflects a tense, focused, or calm state of mind. Well, Spire wearable monitor retrieves the expansion and contraction of your torso and diaphragm as you inhale and exhale. Overall, the Spire app is take of advantages from advanced algorithms to classify your breathing patterns based on dozens of laboratory studies correlating respiration patters with cognitive and emotional state.

Company mentioned that Spire wearable platform is designed to deliver physiological data and real-time insights for health and wellness applications. Consumers who interested the device can pick one up from across all retail and online channels, including, Apple retail stores worldwide, and at


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