Steve Balmer: New Xbox 360 appear in next year

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking at an event in Chicago, confirmed that the issuance of a new Xbox 360 is scheduled for next year. Future game console, according to him, get the new technologies that will make the game even closer to reality. For example, it will be a “natural interface” and the camera. These snatches generally confirm earlier rumors emerged that the new Microsoft Xbox game console will be integrated with the company recently announced a system of Project Natal.

Recall, the Project Natal is established technology that tracked the position and movement of the user with a camera and special software. These characteristics are interpreted in command, control game characters. In addition, in Project Natal included sensitive microphone that can capture user’s voice commands, which further enhances its ability to manage. Not surprisingly, that the system over time can become a direct competitor to the popular Nintendo Wii game consoles and other similar devices.

While in the first comments about the Project Natal system said that it will be issued as a supplement to the existing Xbox console, Steve Ballmer forced to believe that it was more a question of the direct integration of this technology in future games.

Microsoft has not yet disclosed the price and detailed features of the new Xbox game console. It remains to put on that they did not disappoint either specialists or ordinary consumers.

Ballmer confirms refreshed Xbox 360 slated for 2010


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