Toshiba MG04 5TB enterprise HDD with 4K Advanced Format

Toshiba has just officially announced the new member of its enterprise drive with the Toshiba MG04 Series. It is the next generation of high-capacity 3.5-inch form factor enterprise HDD. This storage device also becomes the first enterprise capacity category models to have 4K Advanced Format sector technologies and persistent write cache technology. Well, it makes Toshiba MG04 enterprise hard disk drive improves both performance and reliability.

MG04 Series come with air-filled that unlike the huge-storage-capacity of the HGST 6TB helium-filled Ultrastar HDD. Based on its specifications, Toshiba MG04 is perfectly for mid-tier servers, data center storage systems, and cloud application workloads.


Toshiba MG04 enterprise HDD offers either 6Gbit/s SAS (MG04SCA) or SATA (MG04ACA) versions. It will be available 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB capacity storage space. There is five platters that different physical dimensions from the Toshiba MG03 series.

New Toshiba hard drive can spinning at 7,200 RPM (rotations per minute) paired with persistent write cache technologies. That help protect against data-loss in the event of sudden power down/loss.

According to press release, customer samples of the Toshiba MG04 series should be shipping on February, while the exact release date is still unclear but it’s expected to be available later this month.

Press Release
The MG04 series is the industry’s first enterprise capacity model supporting Advanced Format and persistent write cache technology


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