USB 3.2 Specification, double the transfer speed

Connectivity between two or more electronic devices are very important. So, Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Renesas Electronics, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments in USB 3.0 Promoter Group has just a new USB 3.2 specification. It will offer multi-lane operation for new USB 3.2 hosts and devices, which allowing for up to two lanes of 10 Gbps operation.

Keep in mind that this succeeds the USB 3.1 (was first introduced in 2013) is offering 5 Gbps speed, later USB 3.1 gen 2 was introduced that offered 10 Gbps transfer speed. However, the key characteristics of the USB 3.2 solution include:

  • Two-lane operation using existing USB Type-C™ cables
  • Continued use of existing SuperSpeed USB physical layer data rates and encoding techniques
  • Minor update to hub specification to address increased performance and assure seamless transitions between single and two-lane operation

According the group, “For example, a USB 3.2 host connected to a USB 3.2 storage device will now be capable of realizing over 2 GB/sec data transfer performance over an existing USB Type-C cable that is certified for SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps.”

A new USB 3.2 host must be used with a new USB 3.2 device and the appropriate certified USB Type-C cable to ensure to get the full speed. Reportedly, the final USB 3.2 specification will be released at USB Developer Days North America event in September 2017.

Thus, we might not see USB 3.2 in devices until 2018 end or 2019.

Press Release
USB 3.0 Promoter Group Announces USB 3.2 Update
Specification defines doubling bandwidth to extend existing USB Type-C™ cable performance


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